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DX 8.1 Fullscreen Task-Switch problem

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Hello, I've created a DirectX 8.1 application, supporting fullscreen and windowed rendering. Everything works fine, except in fullscreen mode when switching to another task with alt-tab, and then back again to my application : the display is OK but I now have access to the menu, size controls, close button when I pass the mouse over the borders of the screen, like if my application's window was mawimized and active behind the fullscreen display. I tried to change the style of the window before switching back to it with : SetWindowLong(m_oPresentationParameters.hDeviceWindow, GWL_style, WS_POPUP | WS_VISIBLE) but I still have some elements active in the background... Has anybody encountered the same problem ? Is there something I forgot to do ? Thanks for you help. Laurent

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