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2D Array Problem...I Think

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Ok, this is done in Flash, but for the most part, this is basic and looks a lot liek most other langauges. Any help here would be apricated seeing how this is for a school project: So what it supposed to do is check to see if theres 4 ships "alive", if not make it so there is. The ships will apear at the top of the screen and randomly on the X axis. IF you dont know anythign about flash, anything in: onClipEvent(load) is done when the object if first made. onClipEvent(enterframe) happens everytime a new frame is loaded, 30 times a second in the case of my movie. Its come to my attention by debugging that for some reason all the bad guys "alive" value is TRUE, instead of FALSE, if anyone coudl explain this Id be happy. The with command says do this done using this object. with(objectnamehere) Theres also code in there about bombs, just ignore that. [Edited by - SweetJesus on May 27, 2005 10:02:27 PM]

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