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need a little help with texture

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i just made a seamless texture and i'm not very good at pointing out the small mistakes in a texture so could any of you guys give me any pointers so that i could improve the quality of this wood texture? you have to go to the url to view the image.

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I probably have a picture of wood somewhere I could send you if you like. But there are probably a bunch of free ones you could download on the internet.

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oke the key is to look at wood and start from there making wood is not easy but not impossible get a good sample of wood look at it and take these steps

1- open a new project backround blank
2- open a new layer get a big brush change opacity to 30-35% use a light color wich you want to be on the wood paint it with that
2- staget a little darker shade (open new layer) paint that with the bursh
3- do the same again but with darker shade
4- edit a brush so it has dots fill every where the dots with a shade darker then all (opacity 100% open a new layer)
5- do the same to a new layer but with a color lighter then all
7- take the smudge tool and smudge the dots so they are now lines
8- mess around with the blender and opacity untill you like what you get dont use filtes

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There's all kinds of different woods, but usually there is a little less "action" going on in the texture. The lines are longer and more sweeping. And the colors are a little more golden and brownish. Messing with saturation, midtone, and shadow levels can really help tweak the colors.

I took a tiny 10% or so chunk from the middle of your original texture and based this texture off of it.

Basic process in Photoshop:
- I started off with a layer filled with a golden yellow.
- I pasted the chunk from your texture into a new layer on top. Made it grayscale, abstracted it with the Dust&Scratches filter.
- Created a new layer on top filled with a warm brown, screened and flattened this layer onto the gray texture below.
- Multiplied and flattened the now brown texture layer onto the gold layer below it.
- When doing Blending Changes on Layers, try different ones until you find the one that looks best.
- Set foreground/background colors to black/white. Created new layer with rendered clouds.
- Used Add Noise filter to create speckled field. Used Motion Blur fliter to create vertical wood grain texture. Used Sharpen More filter. Edit>Tranform>Scaled layer to 110%. Selected All and Cropped image. Blending Changed layer to Soft Light on the wood texture below.
- Flattened image and used Offset filter to create seamless tile.

This is all very simplified, and I tweaked colors, contrast, and the layer blending opacity percentages continuously throughout the process.

Here's the texture tiled up 2x2. Eh. Certainly not the greatest and kinda repetitive, but getting there, I think. Looks kinda woody, albeit a cartoon version of wood.

Hope this is helpful.

[Edited by - das otto on June 7, 2005 9:44:06 AM]

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