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I break the project into smaller files and the program falls apart

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My project have grewn a bit now and I decided to split it up in several files. Although its still just one class its good practice. The program works when its a single file but it doesnt when I break it up. Need help to see why. creature.h

const int TARGET_NUMBER = 20;
const int CELL_SIZE = 20;
const int CREATURES = 10;

class creature {
	creature();	//constructor
	void randomizeCells();
	void printCells();
	int calculateTotal();
	int calculateOffset();
	int abs(int i);	// makes sure a number if positive
	int cell[CELL_SIZE];


#include "creature.h"
#include <iostream>

creature::creature() {

void creature::randomizeCells() {
	// fill them with junk	
	for(int i = 0; i < CELL_SIZE; i++)
		cell[i] = rand()%2;

void creature::printCells() {
	for(int i = 0; i < CELL_SIZE; i++)
		cout << cell[i];

int creature::calculateTotal() {
	// holder for the total number
	int total = 0;
	for(int i = 0; i < CELL_SIZE; i++)
		total += cell[i];
	return total;

int creature::calculateOffset() {
	int worth = this->calculateTotal() - TARGET_NUMBER;
	return abs(worth);

int creature::abs(int i) {
	if(i >= 0)
		return i;
	if(i < 0) {
		i *= -1;
		return i;

When I try to run it now it complains about cout is undecleared, but iostream is included just a couple of lines above. What did I do wrong when I split up the project into smaller files?

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