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Sounds in Java Application

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Hi i have a simple scroller shooter with several classes with the ships being in the a panel and the panel is in a frame now how do can I make it play a sound and where should the code be? The internat has been most unhelpfull with the

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<disclaimer>I don't have much experience with this myself and everything i say here is strictly from the API </disclaimer>

I can see two possible ways of doing this from the API (both of which may or may not work).

The first is using the Play(URL url) method from the applet class. This seems like as long as your are giving it the correct path it should play the audio file you want.

If that doesn't work, I'd check out the newAudioClip(URL url) or getAudioClip(URL url) methods to instantiate an AudioClip object and then use the AudioClip class's play (or loop) method to work the audio.

API just in case you weren't looking at it...but I'm sure you've had a look.

Hope this works,

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