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*Solved -- Lesson 6 - Textures Are Transparent or Overlapping

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I am having a very strange bug that I just cant seem to solve. For some reason the textures I have on my cube are sometimes overlapping each other as they spin and other times they are completely transparent allowing you to see into the cube. I thought this might be a problem with how I was using glTexCoord2f, but I copied and pasted the exact numbers and vertexes that NeHe used on his tutorial for my own cube and I still have this problem!!! Could it be the way I am loading my textures? I don't think thats the problem though because the actual image itself is loading just fine and on some of the faces it appears perfectly but on others it doesnt. Here are some screenshots of whats actually going on. Hope you guys are Futurama fans like I am =D Links Removed to Conserve Bandwidth Since Problem Has Been Solved [Edited by - Unknown User on May 28, 2005 2:59:14 PM]

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