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[.net] Some problems I encountered trying VC++ 2005 beta 2

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I just got the 3 dvds for the Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 release. It is really cool so far. I just have a few issues with VC++ 2005 Beta 2: A) It gives errors when I try to create a new function in an existing class by right clicking the class in the class display window, and clicking the "add function" B) Same as above for trying to add variables to a class using the "add variable" wizard. C) I would like to know whether the compiler in Visual C++ 2005 Beta 2 an optimizing compiler? If not, can I plug in the free 2003 optimizing compiler they gave out? Has anybody had any luck with any of these problems, or actually had them occur? I was wondering if it is specific to me, because I would have thought this would be a bit hit on the Microsoft Bug Forums. [Edited by - Sagar_Indurkhya on May 31, 2005 8:59:11 PM]

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