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backstory for game

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Okay just so you all know this is a storyline in work… The shadows seem to move on their own as they walked into the odd castle. One of them was merely a mercenary, commissioned by the mayor. Another was sent by his master, for the experience. Lastly was the leader, doing it purely for the furthering of all that is good. The student smiled as he looked at the woods, their loose clothing and lack of weapon showed their profession as a student of the arcane, a Caster. The leader was fidgety, obviously paying attention to everything, their chain armor and staff showing them as a hunter, jack of all trades, but master of nothing. The mercenary looked at their surroundings, their companions and sighed. “Could we please move on?”, the mercenary was obviously an assassin, their detest of the forest due to the fact there was little to steal and nothing to fight, and lastly gentle leather armor clad them from head to toe. “Why, are you scared?” the student grinned, their statement obviously pleasing them more than any of the people in the camaraderie. The mercenary naturally ignored this comment but started the tread to the castle. ************ They arrived at the gate, the forest paling in comparison to the intimidating castle. The leader looked over the gate surveying it for passages of entry. As they did that the assassin groaned and leapt from block to block up to the top of the gate and slipped in. As the mercenary slipped through the window; they had to find the entrance to open the gate, they couldn’t go it alone. They slipped up to the door and slowly opened it, little light poured into the small room however the danger of the castle soon was obvious. There were walking skeletons guarding everything. The student soon decided they were done with waiting however. Archaic words slipped out of their mouth and soon the air around the stone gate became frozen, along with the gate. Next came a large fireball, shattering the frozen gate into pieces and alarming all of the skeletal guards inside. The mercenary let out a typical sigh as they realized that their companions had alarmed the entirety of the castle. And slipped out and snuck into another room nearby. Inside was a cell, containing a large muscular individual in rags. The assassin realized there was a chance of adding a member to the party. “Hello there, who are you?” “Why is it any of your business, assassin?” the muscular person had a good sense, able automatically discover the identity of the mercenary. This showed the mercenary that there was more to them than the muscles. “I may free you.” “That wouldn’t do any good, my sword and armor are inside that large chest over in the corner, outside my cell.” “Fine, I’ll get your equipment and free you, if you help me and my companions.” “Who? The oafs who blasted down the door? The mercenary grinned “Fine I’ll join you.” The mercenary made short work of the locks on the jail cell and equipment chest, and soon the muscled warrior was fully clad with a large sword and a set of shining black plate armor. As they moved toward the door the warrior sunk their blade through the assassin’s heart, cleaving straight through the thin leather. The warrior moved for the door turned the handle and started making his way to the lower levels. *********** “Where is that damn mercenary?” said the hunter, obviously perturbed about what was happening. Soon the warrior came in the entrance hall smiling. “Who the hell are you?” “The merc sent me, they went back, they said this wasn’t worth the meager payment.” The warrior grinned as the student quickly accepted him as they moved into the castle, towards the throne room. They kicked open the door and looked in, the throne room was empty. As they walked in they looked around the hunter moved to the throne and the student to the window, the warrior smiled as he slammed the door closed. Quickly the student started to murmur words but was cut short by a sword slicing their throat. The hunter slipped their staff of their back and stood ready to fight. “So you’re the count?” the hunter grinned after coming to the realization too late. “Well I am glad you didn’t die like the others, maybe I can get a real fight.” Grinning he slipped a glowing red stone out of his pocket. “Looking for this?” His grin didn’t fade as he said a command words, which seemed to echo in the cavernous hall, and that’s when the students corpse rised. “A necromantic stone, that’s why there were walking skeletons” “Knowing that won’t help you much.” The warrior arched his sword in for a killing blow and the hunter easily deflected it, however than the hunters body froze, encased in ice. “Especially with friends as enemies.” Were the last words the hunter heard as an assassin’s blade plunged into his heart. ----------------------- A story of why there are skeletons and other undead creatures in the game I am trying to start

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