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how to initialize D3DMAXTRIX?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
depends on what you want to do with it.

a zero transform/rotation matrix (ie. the identity matrix), then you'd use the IdentityMatrix function which will make the matrix look like:

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Hi there Derek7, first you have to look at what each function does...

ZeroMemory: the ZeroMemory macro fills a block of memory with zeros.
D3DXMatrixIdentity : Creates an identity matrix.
The identity matrix is a matrix in which all coefficients are 0 except the [1,1][2,2][3,3][4,4] coefficients, which are set to 1.

So now you can derive from each of these what you need.
I would suggest following the norm which is:
The identity matrix is used as the starting point for matrices that will modify vertex values to create rotations, translations, and any other transformations that can be represented by a 4 ×4 matrix.

So the IdentityMatrix is what you seek.

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