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Linking (specifically OpenAL) for Windows

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I guess this is a beginner question. I've started teaching myself C++ etc. and have successfully wrote Pong and started work on Asteroids. Thing is, I've been doing it on my Mac which has been fine. But I thought I'd like to compile my stuff on Windows as well. Just it isn't as easy (I'm not saying anything else =P) I've downloaded Dev C++ and followed this: Tutorial to successfully compile just a GLUT/OpenGL version of Pong. But I don't really understand how all this linking stuff works. So can someone tell me where to put the OpenAL .dll and other files and what do enter into Dev-C++ to get it to compile? Thanks!

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You might want to try searching for mingw versions of OpenAL libs. This should give you the Libs and the dll's. Someone had converted it to mingw format. Then add it into the path. The dll's should reside in the same directory as the executable and is not needed at link time, but is needed when the application is run.

Now I can't be specific to Dev-c++ as I don't have it right here with me. But there is an option under projects or options where you can browse for the libs and add it.

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I'm sitll having a bit of trouble. I found the add thing like you said and tried adding the two .libs I need but I still get the error AL\al.h and AL\alut.h "no such file or directory"

Where should I be putting all the following files:



And also, are there any better free C++ environments other than DevC++? That are easier to get things to compile with! =P Where's my .frameworks and .apps =P


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