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graphic help

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Well, I don't know how much experiance you have programming... I know that I never learned the basics of "graphics programming" until about two years in... Its just a set of functions and objects that you learn how to use, and its not something you really need to internalize, because you can always consult a reference for something you are only going to use on one project.

Anyways, you will probably want to look into this, if you feel you're ready:

win32 API (Create windows apps, use common controls like text boxes, push buttons, bitmaps and other 2d graphics)

-Check out your one stop shop for learning:
theForger's Win32 API Tutorial

opengl API (3D graphics, cross-platform)

-Check out NeHe's site, which is hosted by gamedev:

directx API (Another API for 3D graphics, and I believe it is MS specific, could be wrong though as I've never used it)

-You could try NeXe, which is a cousin, apparently, to NeHe, although again, haven't had experiance with this. Seems that OpenGL is better documented and popular on this site, as NeHe is quite excellent.

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