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VB6: Callback functions - calling function pointers from VB6

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I need to call a function through a functionpointer from within VB6, without the intervention of a DLL written in C. Is this possible? What I have now:
public callBack as long
public callBackInterval as long

Public Function setCallBack(functionPtr As Long, Optional interval As Long = 100) As Long
   callBack = functionPtr
   callBackInterval = interval
End Function

' setting callback
setCallBack addressOf myCallBackFunction

' Calling the callback somewhere else in the code
Call callBack ' ERROR "expected procedure, not variable"

An error is generated when trying to call the function throught the pointer saying "Expected procedure, not variable". Can I cast/convert this variable to keep VB6 quiet? Is it even possible to do this in VB6? TY

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