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Altered State Video Game

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Hi im new here and this is my first post. let me tell you about my project--- Avanti Vita studios are Independent Developers without a publisher or funding looking to take their video game development to commercial status. Avanti Vita studios are proud to announce Altered State the site is launched with a new look with new flash web site packed with new content, information and downloads. here is just a little of what we have to offer on the site and more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Production Films download the films showing the world of altered state, 9.41 min and 1.52 min for the trailer (xvid codec required) For download link of the trailer film go to the site news or direct download here Film Trailer (note needs xvid codec) this is a trailer that comes in at 640x480 and is 1.52min at 6.12mb, The full 9.41min film will be available soon (the music was changed and and is awaiting the new soundtrack- will be available real soon.) Sub note- film is from the ut2004k version, final game will be in the new unreal 3 engine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resource pages featuring the sheer scale of the project that has been created. ( not all content is showed but shows some of the scale of the project ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- all colour prologue story line richly illustrated telling the exciting back story to the dystopia world of Altered State -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 wallpaper designs to download to your desktop. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Demo tracks from the highly talented musicians Brad Stewart and Michael Barnes, just a taste of what these 2 musicians have created in the full score of Altered State --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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