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Looking for good file format for skined meshes

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Hi, ive been using X-files, D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX and Panda Exporter for 3dsmax for skined meshes for my game. This works, but it doesn't work good and theres a lot of bugs in the panda exporter. And i realy can't find any other X-file exporter for 3dsmax (except the one in the d3d sdk, which is even worse..) So, what im looking for is a file format, with a library to read these files into a d3d enviroment (ie the library should provide something like the D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX function, but ofcourse for its own file format) and also there must be a 3dsmax exporter for the file format. It must be able to handle skined meshes, more then one animation set for each skined mesh and blending between these animation sets. The best would be if the library would make use of d3d as possible (ie using ID3DXAnimationController and d3dxframe and so on..) Any suggestions on what i should use? best regards /chot

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