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hi, i'm a young composer who would like to gain a bit more experience, so i thought maybe if anyone has any projects still in need of a composer i'ld be more than happy to help. i use sibelius and kontakt player, and cubase sx2 with hypersonic to create and mix my compositions, so the sounds used would be of a reasonable quality, and would be available in multiple formats. here are a few of my compositions if you would like to hear them, so you can have an idea of my composing style: "Ending Theme" - just a collation of themes for an orchestra credits sequence, n.b. the very end harp section is a tribute to a composer that i admire, "A Tune In G" - Simple piano piece, perhaps with a bit of light orchestration ideal for a town sequence? "Distance" - Another piano piece i wrote for someone, variations on a theme. n.b. I have more samples if anyone wants to hear more. i hope this is alright, let me know if you like it -

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