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Array question

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I need to be able to create a 2 dimensional array of objects which has both dimension sizes specified dynamicaly. As we know, c++ does not like you to do that. So, I have tried to figure out a work around. The code below compiles fine, but is it doing what I think it is? Any comments, suggestions, better ways to do this, please let me know. I know vectors would most likely make this easier, but I am just expirementing with c++. I will get into the STL later. Thanks
/*This class will eventually allow me to load a bitmap file and
break it up into tiles. It uses a class called BitMapObject to load
these files into something the Win32 api can understand. Just know that
BitMapObject is an object defined elsewhere.*/

CBmpTiler::CBmpTiler(HWND hwndMain, WORD img, int rows, int cols)
	hwnd = hwndMain;

        /*This is the name of the resource, as specified in resource.rc.
        For example, this might be something like IDC_PICOFSOMETHING*/
	imgName = img;

        //The number of rows and collums the image is to be split up into
	numRows = rows;
	numCols = cols;
        /*bmo is declared elsewhere as a pointer to type BitMapObject
        For Example: BitMapObject *bmo;*/
	bmo = new BitMapObject[numRows];

        //Loop through each element in bmo...
	for(int a = 0; a < numRows; a++)
                //then we make a new array....
		BitMapObject *bmo1 = new BitMapObject[numCols];

                //then point this element at the new array
		bmo[a] = *bmo1;

                //Loop through each element in bmo...
		for(int a = 0; a < numRows; a++)
                        //then I think this destorys the pointer in each element
			delete bmo[a];
                //this should finish bmo off
		delete bmo;

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