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SDL_Sprite and SDL_Bitmap_Font v0.01 Libraries Released

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Hello everyone. Thanks again for your support. This will be a work in progress. I want to add some other features to it. For now.. . I think the packages are at least distrutable. When I designed these libraries, I designed them for myself. However, after I finished them I figured they might be helpful for you as well. So I hope you can use them. As I said, I will be opening the source as soon as I add some more features to it. I have compiled these libraries using Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003. They have been compiled as a Win32 project. All you need to do is include both or one of the libraries in your project and include the header files for the libraries you use respectively. I have written another simple demo illistrating how to use the libraries. It comes with full documented source code. You may download the project here. Zero Demo As for the libraries, you may download them seperately here. SDL Sprite and Bitmap Font Libraries If you have any questions, please feel free to cntact me at You are welcome to check out my projects page if there is anything else that you may find interesting. The original demo that I wrote using my libraries can be downloaded here. Thanks again for the support! PS: Thanks SuperCoder74! (Didn't know they allowed html) -- Brandon Fogerty GOD Bless you Always!!!!! [Edited by - BlackDragon777 on May 30, 2005 2:33:39 PM]

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