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[Managed] Alpha blending won't work

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Hello, I'd like to apply textures with alpha channel onto a quad-vertex surface. I thought i just had to activate alphablending in the device's render state, and also setting alphablend source and destination But it doesn't work. I've tried many things, followed much tutorials, but no result. I'm beginning to think it's c# or managed directx that have a bug. I've done all things explained in this tutorial : I've also taken the png texture to be sure that it wasn't my texture that didn't have alpha channel. Transparency zones still be black For the moment, i use PositionTextured vertices, i shut lights off ( to false), i don't use any material or diffuse color in my quad-vertex primitive. Thanks

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Hy Gruik.

I´ve got the the same problem a time ago.
I i remember well you have to set a diffuse material to the device
wich has a suitable alpha-value ( e.g. 128 -> hex 80 ). Without this
you may have no chance...
i hope this helps

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