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Capoeira- type game? DANCING

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It would be cool to see a game like Tekken (a beat'em up) modded so that it becomes a 'dance' simulator. For those that don't know Capoeira is a dance form that is also a martial art, it was made by slaves who weren't allowed to practice martial arts so they created Capoeira which is a dance which uses lots of kicks and martial arts type movements, but didn't involve bodily contact. There could be several different modes, a.) press the right symbol at the right time, ie. like Parappa the Rapper. b.) Repeat the sequence. c) Freestyle, where the computer character AI is made so that it moves out of the way of the punch / kick and then responds with one that the player can then respond to. Likewise, there could be different versions a) wire-fighting ones where the player can run up the walls and jump really high like in the matrix. Tap-dancing levels where they dance on their own. Players could record their dances into a file and then send them to other people to watch / try to copy by doing the right moves. (Eh, dancing ? what the???)

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