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std::string problem

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Hi anybody! I have problem with std::string container. I use guichan ( and when I set new text for TextField, MSVS 6.0 said, that "breakpoint called at code ...", I don't use any breakpoint and i clear theirs for check. I tryed to find bug and it seems, that bug in std::string. I think i use it in wrong way. This is the code with bug:
std::string dir = dir_model->getElementAt(dir_list->getSelected());
if(dir != "..")
	if(path.size() > 3)
		path += '/' + dir; 
	 else path += dir;
	path = findLastDir();
	path = cleanPath(path);
//this is the code with bug
Can anyone tell what the bug is and how to fix it???

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You mean, "user breakpoint at ..." ?
That's an int3 instruction, probably put there by the compiler, in order to notify you somehow when you're calling to memory addresses not containing actual code.

It is probably a follow-up error. You could
- be using newer or older headers than a library/dll that is linked to your project
- drastically overwriting variables or arrays on the stack, corrupting things like the return address of a function call
- use a library or dll that has been created by a different compiler or uses another STL library (and thus, a different std::string variant)

This line probably does not do what you expect:
path += '/' + dir;

replace it with
path += std::string('/') + dir;

And the other std::string() copy here:

is not needed, making the line
textgield->setText(path + '/');

But no actual errors are in the code you've posted.


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