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problem locking mipmap levels for writing

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Hello... I am sitting here for a long time to success in locking mipmap surfaces. I create a Texture with several mipmap levels (CreateTexture). When i try to lock a special mipmap level with LockRect, i get an error and it is not working. It only works for mipmap level 0 here is code: D3DLOCKED_RECT LockedRect; m_Direct3DDevice->CreateTexture( m_Width, m_Height, 0, m_Usage, m_PixelFormat, D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, &m_Texture, NULL); m_Texture->GetSurfaceLevel( 1, &DestSurface ); DestSurface->LockRect(&LockedRect, NULL, D3DLOCK_DISCARD); LockRect creates error code: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL Earlier mentioned, for mipmap level 0 it is working. Can somebody help?? thx

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