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[web] [ASP] Searching through an array

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I manually created an array will 2 values for now. I was wondering how I can search through it to check for a value?
Dim sUsers(1)
sUsers(0) = "CBrinker"
sUsers(1) = "AWilson"
I already tried using:
check = Array.BinarySearch(sUsers, GetLoginName)
But I get this error:
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8' 

Object required: 'Array' 

/marketing/product/index.asp, line 19 
Which is that line. Help? =/

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Are you not using a database of any kind? It'd probably be better than hardcoding your users into the code. If you have to hardcode, at least have a separate usr_const.asp file that you include at the start of your file, otherwise it could be a nightmare to maintain!

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There is no method called BinarySearch as far as I know. A binary search will only work on a sorted list anyway. Unless you are going to sort your list, the only way to do it is to iterate through all of the elements until you find what you're looking for. If it's sorted then you can write a binary search yourself, or find a code snippet somewhere and copy it.

This is all you can do with the array object:
users = new Array("patrick", "brandon")

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