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OpenGL glBegin(GL_QUADS) keeps failing

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Whenever I have the following prior to calling glBegin, my call to glBegin returns invalid operation:
        // run the edge detection filter over the geometry texture
        // Activate the edge detection filter program
        // bind the scene texture as input to the filter
        cgGLSetTextureParameter(_textureParam, _iTexture);
If I remove these lines, glBegin() works, but obviously my shader doesn't run. Strange thing is that this works in another project of mine that uses opengl, but the whole app is setup differently and I have no idea why its not working in my 2nd app. Any ideas? textureparam and the shader and profile are all properly setup. Cg is not returning any errors, it just seems its doing something bad to the opengl state.

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do you have a valid CG and GL context?
call cgGetError() to be sure of no silent internal errors and make sure
you call glGetError() directly before and directly after glBegin to make sure
that it is infact returning the error, and not a cumilative error from
elsewhere in the call history.

providing some code would help, maybe the block around glBegin?


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