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Super Mario type code

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can anyone point me in the direction of a super mario type game code. I'm particularly interested in studying physics of his jumping from a higher block to a lower one or the ground. Thanks!

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The physics of jumping are fairly simple.
// Calculate Acceleration
Mario.vAcceleration.x = Mario.vForce.x / Mario.fMass;
Mario.vAcceleration.y = Mario.vForce.y / Mario.fMass;
Mario.vAcceleration.z = Mario.vForce.z / Mario.fMass;

// Calculate new velocity
Mario.vVel.x = Mario.vAcceleration.x * iTime;
Mario.vVel.y = Mario.vAcceleration.y * iTime;
Mario.vVel.z = Mario.vAcceleration.z * iTime;

// Update position
D3DXVECTOR3 vMove = Mario.vVel * (float)(iTime);
Mario.vPos = vMove;

Then to apply a jump increase the y-axis force, assuming he is on the ground.

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