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Reading Delimited Files

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I was wondering how i could read in comma delimited things from file. I have this in a file: 1,Start,You Are Standing In The Starting Room 2,Secod,You Are Standing In The Second Room how would i read that in to a class called room with the members variables: int roomid; string name; string desc; or just read it into the program period? Any help with this would be appreciated!

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Assuming you're using C++, you could do something like this:
std::cin >> roomid;

Feel free to look up some documentation for this - I don't do much C++ these days :)

EDIT: Doh! Of course, my code reads from stdin - you should change cin to the istream object you've created.

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if you overload the stream insertion/extraction operators then you can make reading rooms into containers simple with stream iterators:

#include <algorithm> // replace
#include <string>
#include <istream>
#include <ostream>
#include <sstream>

template < typename CharT, typename Traits = std::char_traits<CharT>, typename Alloc = std::allocator<CharT> >
struct room {

typedef std::basic_string<CharT, Traits, Alloc> string_type;

int roomid;
string_type name;
string_type desc;


template < typename CharT, typename Traits, typename Alloc >
std::basic_istream<CharT, Traits>& operator>>(std::basic_istream<CharT, Traits>& in, room<CharT, Traits, Alloc>& r) {

typedef std::basic_istringstream<CharT, Traits, Alloc> istrstream;
typedef typename room<CharT, Traits, Alloc>::string_type string_type;

string_type s;

std::getline(in, s);

std::replace(s.begin(), s.end(), CharT(','), CharT(' '));

istrstream ss(s);

ss >> r.roomid >> r.name;

return std::getline(ss, r.desc);

template < typename CharT, typename Traits, typename Alloc >
std::basic_ostream<CharT, Traits>& operator<<(std::basic_ostream<CharT, Traits>& out, const room<CharT, Traits, Alloc>& r) {
return (out << r.roomid << CharT(' ') << r.name << CharT(' ') << r.desc << std::endl);


#include <iterator> // istream_iterator, ostream_iterator
#include <vector>
#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>

int main() {

typedef room<char> room_type;

typedef std::vector<room_type> vec_of_rooms;

std::ifstream ifs("temp.txt");

vec_of_rooms v((std::istream_iterator<room_type>(ifs)),

std::copy(v.begin(), v.end(),


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