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Kademlia Implementation

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Hi, for my final exams I'm writing and designing a p2p filesharing tool, focussed on the serverless approach using the XOR metric of Kademlia. I think I have quite well understood the theory of connecting nodes and searching for keys, but a question still remains: How to implement a XOR based network in a filesharing application where each user serves n different files with completly different hashes without relation to his own hash? In Kademlia each node holds data with similar hashes (called keys) as the hash of the node itself (called node id). Node XY has a lot of documents to offer, but the hashes generated from the document-names (via SHA-1) will most likely have nothing to do with the hash of the node with is a requirement for the idea behind Kademlia. So how do we find nodes that have file XY if we just compare the hash of the files with the (unique) hashes of the nodes to jump closer? Because the nodes whose hash (ID) is closest to the hash of the search string obviously won't have requested informations... Sorry for the bad explaination but it's quite hard to describe the situation if your native language is not english and I hope that someone in here knows the Kademlia protocol quite well ;). PS: Please don't forward me to emule or other software because the source is a pain to understand *g*. Thanks ~Daywalker

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