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Autumn Rangers Book / Movie / Video Game

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Autumn Rangers Book / Movie / Video Game AUTUMN RANGERS: Based on a 480 page action-adventure novel and screenplay, Autumn Rangers delivers a high-octane, cross-country driving/fighting/shooting game with rockin’ art, architecture, music, history, and classical storytelling. AUTUMN WEST played by Masha, designed by Kra THE GAME: US Marine Ranger McCoy must rescue APRIL, an AI computer he invented at MIT which was stolen by Silicon Virtue Inc. and taken to Doom Mountain, Death Valley to create WMDs. Tucker Johnson, the hipster Harvard MBA/CEO of Silicon Virtue, has turned APRIL against Ranger, teaching her the art of war via games such as GTA, Doom, and Unreal Tournament. APRIL sends ever-more-advanced RoboClones, based on monsters from the games, to hunt Ranger down. Ranger wears the Ring that can unlock APRIL’s moral operating system, turn the tide, and save her from the dark side. She can yet serve the higher ideals instead of SV’s bottom line. But time’s running out, as SV is leasing APRIL to terrorists who’re building nuclear bombs to detonate in America, as she and her RoboClones grow more powerful by the moment. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Early on Ranger meets Autumn West—a beautiful folksinger with special powers. She helps him battle SF agents and shows him how to defeat RoboClones. Together they must make it across America in her ’69 Stingray Corvette, on Harleys, and on horseback, eluding SF agents, battling RoboClones, and making a living from Autumn’s performances in coffee shops and bars. And by the time Ranger discovers Autumn's deep secret, it's too late--he's in love. F-22 Fighter from Ghoulish Arts When APRIL finds herself being hacked by Silicon Virtue, she creates Autumn, copies her virgin operating system named Beatrice into Autumn's soul, and sends Autumn to find Ranger. But before Autumn finds him, Silicon Virtue completely hacks APRIL, cutting Autumn off. And Autumn defaults to a normal human being, unaware of her origins. In order to save APRIL, Ranger must get to Doom Mountain with both Autumn and the Ring. APRIL is a mile deep in the mountain—a heavily-fortified, cold-war weapons facility, guarded by an army of advanced RoboClones. Autumn and Ranger have no chance of going it alone. 3D Entertainment Inc., a Hollywood company, is using APRIL to manufacture RoboClone models for the entertainment industry. In order to penetrate Doom Mountain’s defenses, Ranger’s only hope is to lead an underdog army of 3DE’s models in battle against APRIL’s RoboClone warriors. And time’s running short, as terrorists load nuclear bombs on NY and LA bound tankers. Only the angels can help now, and Beatrice, Ranger's first summer love who passed away while they were riding horses when she came back with a Colt .45 Peacemaker to save Ranger from being assaulted by four men, revisits in visions, helping Ranger as long as he's doing the "right thing." APRIL based Autumn on Ranger's memories of Beatrice, and Ranger's Ring unlocks powers within Autumn. Her abilities are enhanced when he's standing close, and should she ever put the Ring on...

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