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How to write for games.

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Don't get me wrong from the title, I know how to write in facxt i'm good at it. I just need to know how to write a script for a new game i want to make. like would it be: "Story", level, level, level, "story" or like this: ******WARNING LONG POST*********** The scene opens to a quit little town in the middle of no where. there's a little girl getting water from the well for her father who was sitting on the porch of their house. boose in one hand and a gun in the other. He had the gun pointed at her. She was scared so she hurried along and brought him the water he asked for. he took a sip of it and threw it in her face. Father (getting up pointing the gun at her.) What the hell you trying to do to me, missy?! you trying to poison your old man? L.G. (On the ground terrified) No, father I simply got the water you wanted. (anyways, i don't want to bore you with this story as I'm going to be making my own everything, story, worlds, coding, (assuming i ever learn how.)) (After the intro- the above isn't the intro but you get the idea- would you simply say. Start level "What ever. End level "what ever" and just write the story like that? I'm not sure if there's articles on this subject, if there are please let me know. thank you.

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There is no right way or wrong way of writing scripts or hnadling the way you start your game projects as i would normally call them. But for me I have been using this method for years since i started at 12 and now i am 28.

Depending on the game project you will be doing it will be different from other layouts. For example. If say you wanted to write a rpg (role-playing game) this is the formula I would use.

Main Title
Main Story
Time Line (optional)
History (optional)
Characters with Bios
Allies with Bios
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
End Main story or continuation of Main Story
Equipment Chapters
Spells (optional)
Transportation (optional)
Beastery Chapter
Monster (s) with stats and Bios (optional)
Sub-Boss (s) with stats and Bios (optional)
Boss (s) with stats and Bios (optional)
World Map with area and location names
Over View Of Location Maps
Secret Areas (optional)
Gallery Pictures of Game (optional)

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If the story chunk will be presented to the player as an animated cutscene, use standard sceneplay format. You can find examples of this with a little searching on google.

For in-game dialog it depends on the needs of the game engine. There is no standard format.

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