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OpenGL Terrain texturing, several masks (plus other questions...)

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Any good ideas besides the "one mask per channel" solution?? What I really want is a color-coded mask image, where each color would correspond to a material (detail-texture). I am aware of the limits in number of detail-textures... Besides the several masks question, I would also like to know if someone has managed to get "the texture atlas" solution work for terrain texturing. I mean, a nice way to reduce the artifacts at the borders when repeating/tiling a certain texture from the atlas. (Maybe not the best explanation of my question, but anyone who has tried it know what i mean...). Is there any other way besides keeping the texcoords in, say 0.1-0.9 range (compared to 0.0-1.0)?? Assuming 0.0 - 1.0 is the coords in "detail-texture-fetched-from-atlas-and-converted-to-own-space"... Finally, in Cg it seems that you have to limit yourself to compile-time constants when indexing texture samplers?? To clarify: float4x4 detailMaps; detailMaps[0] = tex2D(SOME_TEXTURE, coords.xy); ... when indexing detailMaps, say detailMaps, it seems that "i" has to be compile-time constant. Is this a limit in OpenGL Shading language as well?? /mike [Edited by - vx7johmi on June 3, 2005 6:12:58 PM]

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