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Sanity Checking User Input

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villiageidiot    132
I was wondering what the best way to sanity-check user input is (using C++). For example, say a program requests the user to enter a number (1, 2, or 3) as a choice for a menu. What is the best way to check to make sure that the user has not entered something other than a number (like a string, or just random characters)? The trouble I have is that whenever I try to validate user input, I can always enter in some random collection of letters / numbers that causes the program to skip ahead or just crash altogether, which is a bad thing. Any advice?

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nobodynews    3126

1)read everything in as a string

2)Check to see if each element of the sring is in the form you want.

3)If string is not in the form you want go to step 1

4)Use stringstreams to enter the string as data into the variable


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