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Transforming 3D coordinate to 2D

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Hi, I’m not really graphics programmer, but I’m working on a project that requires me to transform the earth onto a 2D triangle or a square. I’m not familiar with any of the transformation/projection algorithms, so can anyone please help me out? I’m sure this could be done using some third party software, but I need the algorithm in order to implement it in my present program. Thanks raven

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Yea, all u need to do is draw the x and y, the z is only in the calculations when you are using the 4 by 4 matrix, for example, if you want to translate the object you use the identity matrix and just modify the last column...
|1 0 0 2|
|0 1 0 2|
|0 0 1 2|
|0 0 0 1|

u multiply that with

this will move the object +2 x, y and z....rotation matrices are a little different, they require sin/cos algorithms....its for sure on the site DevLiquidKnight gave above...i just wanted to give a short summary about them, i implement it all myself too but u must remember its not going to be as fast as other programs since you have to implement backfilling and view volume youself

and thanks alot DevLiquidKnight, that site really helped me out, i needed help with texture mapping and it was awsome....thanks

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