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Closer to Comic Books than Movies?

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It strikes me that games are closer to comic books (ie. graphic novels), than movies. That is if you consider the standard type of game which uses prescripted dialogue (either in cut-scenes) or in dialogue trees. Look at this "Gamics" site It would be quite possible to make a branching version of something like this to illustrate (a screenplay for a game???) -- to illustrate the way a game such as Deus Ex goes. ==> Do you infiltrate the terrorist base via the ventilation shafts, go to page 50. ==> If you walk in the front door guns blazing go to page 72 .... But it isn't just that, but the way that games convey details which is often a mixture of visual clues and speech, whereas a novel can describe much more detail. And a film can concentrate the viewers attention wherever it wants, ie. it can choose to zoom in on the Pirate's beard as he dribbles chunks of meat on it. Whereas, a game usually gives the player freedom to choose where to look. (Also you may note that I seem to have just described a new?? tool for conceptualising plot branches, you could even use HTML to link to the appropriate pages.). [Edited by - Ketchaval on June 4, 2005 8:32:54 AM]

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