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structs and memory addressing

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Trying to read a BMP File in C++, but I'm having a few difficulties. Is the memory for the different members of a struct contiguous? code snippets: ------------- struct BMPHeader { BYTE Signature[2]; DWORD FileSize; . . BMPHeader Header; flBitmap.Read(&Header, sizeof(BMPHeader)); -------------- What am I doing wrong here? Signature fills up with the correct data, but FileSize does not. I checked the memory addresses of both; FileSize's address is 4 greater than Signature[0]'s. Shouldn't it be 2 greater? If the data in a struct is not contiguous, is there a way to force it to be, or is there a better way to do this?

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thats the compiler adding byte padding so that the elements line up along 4byte boundaries.

to force no-padding in MSVC:

#pragma pack(push, 1)
struct BMPHeader {
// ...
#pragma pack(pop)

there is probably something you're missing though
i would suspect the BMP header struct has the members mixed up somehow?
im no BMP expert tho.

EDIT: more info added (MSDN link)

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