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OpenGL OpenGl Alpha Buffer?

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Does Opengl have some sort of buffer, like a stencil buffer, but it is used for textures? Aka, I don't care about polygons, I just want it to draw in the texture alpha from a textured polygon. Stencil buffer only draws polygons, But I need the texture information. Instead of using the Stencil Buffer to mask out parts of the polygon, I want to use a buffer to mask parts of the textures on polygons. Also if I draw a polygon into the stencil buffer, using glAlphaFunc, would that only draw the texture, if I did (gl_greater, 0.0); ?

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More like Alpha testing, then storing the result in some sort of screen buffer.

So the whole screen of pixels will be 0's, except the part that was stored in the buffer (1's)

then I can go ANDING to draw another texture, and it will only draw if the result is 1.

In other words, I want to stencil buffer in a texture's alpha channel, not the whole polygon itself.

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Eh i thought alpha testing discards fragments before they reach the stencil buffer.(Might be wrong i dont use stencil)

Meaning you could draw your initial mask texture with alpha testing and stencil buffer.
The parts in your texture with 0 alpha will not make it into the stencil buffer.

But assuming im wrong, i do know that the framebuffer has an alpha channel meaning it stores the alpha value of texels which make it to the framebuffer. Using glBlend();

In RGB mode, pixels can be drawn using a function that blends the incoming (source) RGBA values with the RGBA values that are already in the framebuffer (the destination values).

So your blending mode would probably be something like

your new pixels * alpha buffer value,your mask in the framebuffer
This is assuming that 0 alpha in your mask texture means "not to draw".

or you can use the common transparency method


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