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quad tree leaf width problem

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Alright, when splitting a heightmap into a quad tree you continue recursively until you get a bounding box for a node that when split up will be a certain width known as the leaf width. Now, I wrote everything in the idea that the leaf width could be adjusted. I've never bothered to change it off of 4 tho until testing is done. Well I decided to test it, and 2 doesn't work, neither does 8 or 16, so I stopped there. Posting code for this is not something any is goona wanna debug, so I guess my question is should this be adjustable? I've been debugging for hours, I cannot seem to see why it won't work but the recursive to build the tree goes to far, it doesn't stop when it should.

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It should]/i] be adjustable in the sense that otherwise it doesn't work as designed - who knows what other problems this might cause when the leaf size = 4? I would want it to be variable so you can test performance/memory consumption at differnt values. I would think 4 is actually too small - most people seem to use 16-64 and I find 32 is fastest - 4 means a lot of extra work on the huge number of leaves.
Are you sure the leaf size isn't hard-coded in some places but settable in others? And what goes wrong - a crash or what?

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Well sort of.
When I set to any value a power of 2 that isn't 4 I get a problem.
The problem is an invalid memory access during the recursive that builds the tree. It attempts to read a node that hasnt been allocated.

I believe I have found the problem but have no solution. CalcNodeNum I belive is calculating an incorrect number of nodes for anything but 4, but since the numbers on 4 have been debugged to $#!* and they are confirmed to be right in code and on paper.

This is how I calculate the final number of neccessary nodes:

//Store the important coordinates
m_iNumLeaves = (pHeightmap->Width() / iLeafWidth) * (pHeightmap->Height() / iLeafWidth);
m_iNumNodes = CalcNodeNum(m_iNumLeaves, iLeafWidth);
m_pNodes = new NODE[iNumNodes];

Calculate how many nodes we need for this tree
int cQuadTree::CalcNodeNum(int iNumLeaves,int iLeafWidth)
int iCounter=0;

iCounter += iNumLeaves;
iNumLeaves = iNumLeaves / iLeafWidth;

if(iNumLeaves <= 1) break;

return iCounter;

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