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Uthur Pendragon

question about internet in visual basic

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hey everyone. i haven't been on this site for a couple of years and have been thinking about getting a new account cause i forgot my old password. well, obviously i did, so HI! anyways, i have a question. im programming visual basic, and i want to know if you can use it to do stuff with the internet. it looks like my web brower (firefox) was made with visual basic, and i was wonderint how it connects to the internet, because there arent any control s that do that.

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In VB you will need to use the WinSock control, which is a form of a socket. To do an internet browser, you would have to learn the format that a webserver expects to get requests from you, and how you respond to those requests (HTTP protocol). After you get the data, you would have to parse the HTML and format the viewer all by yourself (there is no VB control to do this). It is no trivial task.

Also, FYI, since Firefox is cross-platform compatible (aka Linux), it was not written in VB (Microsoft specific)

Hope some of this helps.


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Firefox is written in C++.

You can use the internet from your VB application.

In VB6:

Create a standard EXE,
Right click on the toolbar and select components,
Tick "Microsoft Internet Controls",
Now you will have the webbrowser control on your toolbar,
Deag it onto your form and size it as you want,
To navigate to a page with it use the code:
- WebBroswer1.Navigate ""

The Internet Control is a version of Internet Explorer which you can add to applications. Other ways of getting information from hte internet would be with the winsock control.

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