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Hi all . I am making simple game and having render my aircraft in 3rd person camera how cane i perform collision Detection . i am very new to game programming and also i tried to seacrh on google but i didn't get anything which is good for me. My game is having only two objects Aircraft and Pipe through which it (air craft) travesl how can i perform collision between these two object.

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Collision detection is not an easy topic to cover well [smile]

Technically speaking it falls into the realms of physics rather than graphics, so don't be too concerned if you find papers/tutorials covering it that don't use DirectX. You can however make good use of the D3DX functions to help simplify your code.

This website has a few good articles, having had a quick search for you:

Practical Collision Detection
Simple Bounding-Sphere Collision Detection
Collision Detection Algorithm
Collision Detection

Read those, and if you've got any more precise questions you might wanna ask the people in the Maths & Physics forum [smile]


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