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Unreal Tournament and UT200X model format?

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Hi All, Anyone know where to find documnetation on what format the games: Unreal Tournament, UT2003 and UT2004 use for their models [like the models one can download from polycount]? the only searches that I get are lots of docs on how to _generate_ models using various tools [namely specific programs like maya, 3ds and how using various unreal tools as well] , but as far as the actual model format (and for that matter the format of the textures, ect) I have not found... anyone know them or where to find them? Best Regards

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Epic released some header files how to load unreal .PSK and .PSA files.
I do not know extacly where, but it is very easy to load them.

Some infos:
1.) PSK and PSA files are not used directly by UNREAL
2.) PSK stands for MESH, PSA stands for all animation sequences for that file
3.) UKX files are packages which include Mesh and Animation
4.) There is no exporter to extract PSK and PSA files from UKX
5.) You can import PSK and PSA files to UKX with UnrealED
6.) PSK files have no normals! They include per face smoothing group info, so you have to recompute them
7.) ActorX works perfect with 3DSMAX, don´t know for Maya
8.) MilkShape3D produces some wierd articafs, because it uses hardcoded root nodes

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