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Samantha aka Lilly

I'm just starting Game creation and I've been told...

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C++ is a pretty good language choice. It's very commonly used, there are plenty of sources of information on the subject, and it's an industry standard language, so you'll be using what the pros use. It is however quite hard, but if you stick with it it can be done.

Firstly, you'll need a compiler and an IDE. A compiler is a program that takes the code you write and converts it into a form the computer can understand (on Windows, this is an executable, or .exe file). An IDE is an Integrated Development Environment. Basically your IDE is a set of tools that help you to code, and normally includes such things as a test editor with syntax highlighting (it changes the colour of keywords to make code easier to read), a debugger (to help find errors) and a compiler.

For C/C++, you can get Dev-C++ for free, which is an IDE plenty of people use, and comes with a good compiler already built in.

The For Beginners Forum FAQ has some links to tutorials to get started in the basics of C++ (this section), so you could probably start off by looking through those. I particularly liked this site out of those, but I already knew how to program before I learned C++ (aside from which everyone is different), so I don't really know how helpful it will be to you. A lot of people find it easier to learn the basics from a book, so you may also want to look into that if you can afford it.

Anyways, hopefully that'll help you get started. Good luck!

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