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Explore: Themes via Gameplay.

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I believe that games are a new field, and as such we need to find different ways to "WRITE" we can't just borrow from cartoons / movies / novels / graphic novels. The main difference that we have with other mainstream media is the interaction between player and the game. How can we use gameplay to examine DEEP / COMPLEX themes? I believe it is possible, but we need to get away from the "tell not play" mentality. We should react to how the player behaves, and maybe show alternatives or contrasts. Or the consequences of their actions. If the player becomes an inhuman killing machine, we can show how other characters turn away from them in favor of other less psychotic characters. If the player is extremely disorganised, we can give them a co-worker who is organised and gets lot more done and is happier as a result. If the player is mean and greedy, then we can show the effect that this has on the other characters / the gameworld. If the player is an inhumane brute of a bullying guard in a prison sim, we can turn the tables on them and suggest what it is like to live under an equally bullying regime (ie. have them play an arrested character?). I'm sure you guys and girls can run with this and give some better examples, or discuss the pros and cons, and ways of doing this. [Edited by - Ketchaval on June 6, 2005 1:24:27 PM]

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