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clumsy begginer

looking for software

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Hello, programming community! My user name explains it all: I'm just a beginner without a clue searching for some advise and understanding. I'm interested in making interactive board type games -very, very simple interactive board games, 2D graphics and so on-. I'm looking for software that could help me out a bit. Do you know any program out there for people like myself? Thank you, I'm really desperate!

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Well, to make any kind of game, you need to know some kind of programming.

If you want to learn something which is industry standard, and has transferable skills, learn C or C++. You can create C and C++ programs using a great little program called Dev C++, and it's free. You can program games in C and C++ by using "libraries" such as SDL (what I'm using - it's great and easy) or Allegro, and do advanced 3D graphics using things like OpenGL, or more complicated games libraries such as Microsoft's DirectX, which can do basically everything. Warning - for a beginner programmer, DirectX in particular will be way too advanced for you.

If you want to learn something a little easier, try Python. I haven't tried it myself, but people think very highly of it, and it's apparently quite easy for a beginner. PyGame is the main one used for games in Python, I'm told.

C/C++, Python etc. are powerful languages that can be used for almost any purpose besides making games.

If you just want to make games, try DarkBASIC. It's an easy language designed for making games. Other types of a similar thing exist, things like BlitzBasic. I've used DarkBASIC, and it's great for starting out, but the whole BASIC language teaches bad habits in my opinion, and it's not great if you want to move onto more complicated languages in the future.

Finally, you can get easy to use Game Maker programs that do all the dirty work for you. Try The 3D Game Creator or something like that.

I've given you quite a few options there. If you have any more questions, please ask, and we'll be happy to help.

Hope I've helped,


EDIT: Just noticed you're new today - welcome to!

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Learn to program. Here's how I would do it:

1) Learn Python or BASIC
2) Make a 2D game using python or BASIC
3) Learn C++
4) Make a 2D game using C++
5) Make another 2D game
6) Another
7) Another
8) Yet another
9) make some 3d demos
10) Make a simple 3d game
11) Make another one
12) Make another one

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Guest Anonymous Poster
just trying...

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