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fstream (fstream::ate fstream::out or just fstream::ate?)

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ok i want to open a .txt file that has already been written to so i dont want to truncate the file in order to do this do i open with ate | out or just ate? Ive looked alot of place on the web but i seem to get conflicting info as to weather ate opens the file as write anyway thx =) [Edited by - raptorstrike on June 6, 2005 9:10:06 PM]

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two ways:
use ofstream, or fstream:

ofstream file("somefile.txt",ofstream::ate);

//or fstream
fstream file("somefile.txt",fstream::out|fstream::ate);

both produce the same results. fstream is mostly used for input and output, and ofstream can only be used for output.

So, to answer your question, I recommend doing this:
ofstream file("urfile.txt",ofstream::ate);

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awsome, thx

one last thing its really kind of unrelated to the topic but I dont want to clutter the forum with more threads, I have one header file that I want to include in all my other files but it has some function defentitions in it so when I include it in all of them i get multiple defenition errors I am using inclution gaurds and all that but it still gives me those same errors what to do?

ah nvrm i got it, just put those functions in a seprate .cpp file
thx again

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