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simple Modeler or Tool loading and saving X-Files

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Hello, I know some 3D free/shareware modelers, but didn't find a single one that can load and save X Files and has some basic features I need. I need the following: Loading and Saving X-Files Reducing polygons (make the file easier and smaller) This was most important, also nice would be: Create normals and UV coordinates set textures on materials rotate the whole thing Does anybody know a simple modeller with these features? We have bought Carrara and Amapi to create models, but I need something to make some minor changes after I got the model from my graphic modeler. Accutrans3D would be perfect but cannot load X-Files. Suggestions, please? Thanks, Firle

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You can use Maya(free edition) + plugin from microsoft (SDK, it's crap but is something) or
3dsmax + panda exporter ( goto or
DeleD3D editor ( goto ) or
GameSpace (light version, I think it's free) or
Blender + mindfloaters exporter (goto )


use another file format. :D

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Thanks a lot for the infos, I'll try Dele3d.

I also found my source models, they are in 3DS.

So I can also use 3DS. The only problem is my models have lots of materials (50 up) and lots of polygons, and the best think would be not to reduce every single material, but all iin one, lets say: take all materials and reduce all polygons by 30% or something like this.


P.S. It did not work with Dele3D, it could not read my 3DS, some parts where missing. I also found Pixel3D, it worked there but I couldn't save in shareware mode. I don't have 3DS Max and Blender is so complicated. I started another topic, thanks for the info.

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