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Best terrain rendering technique for RTS game.

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Hi ! I am want to develop 3D RTS game like C&C Generals, StrongHold2,SimCity4 etc... i want to know what is best terrain rendering technique for thease type of games. (is hightmap is good for this ?) Regards, Saggar

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Heightmap should be fine, so long as you dont want things such as overhangs
or caves (but you can augment a height map with models etc if they are needed)
you probably wouldn't need any kind of LOD implementation so long as you
cull away non-visible tiles and have a tight draw-distance (fog or war?)

Another possibility is to use a custom data format (with triangles etc)
this would be harder to create content for, but probably much more powerfull
(you could build ramps, cliffs, tunnels, overhangs, space-style platforms)

personaly i would use Heightmaps and just drop custom models when you need the
special stuff.


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