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Lux Expands Global Conquest in Version 5.0

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Lux Expands Global Conquest in Version 5.0 June 8th, 2005 – (Montreal, Canada) Sillysoft Games ( is proud to announce the newest update to their Risk-inspired game of global conquest is now available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Lux features Risk style game play that condenses the infamously lengthy battle down to less than an hour. Version 5 features a multitude of improvements and more maps. An earlier version of Lux was a finalist in the Independent Games Festival at this year's GDC. The theory behind Lux is a fast paced game that possesses all the strategy of Risk without occupying your entire weekend. The game features over 200 different maps as well as a random map generator and player created maps. Online play is supported along with world wide player rankings to determine who the true champion of Lux is. Lux version 5 includes the addition of scenarios to the standard maps. Some scenarios include World War 2 Europe, Roman Empire, Medieval Castles, and Vietnam. A new game option gives increasing armies for holding a continent multiple turns, while new sounds and graphics serve to improve the already classic look and feel. Every week a different 'map of the week' will be featured in multiplayer matches, providing bonus rankings points and showing off the multitude of maps available. Finally, players from all over the world can enjoy Lux 5 in their own language! Lux has now been translated into 12 different languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese. If you are tired of board games that take you an hour just to set up, Lux is the answer to your addition. A free demo for Mac, Windows, or Linux gives you access to 5 of the 200 scenarios and 20 free games. The full version features unlimited play and updates for life! The demo can be found at Lux: Because conquering the world is fun! About Sillysoft Games: Sillysoft Games is an independent computer game developer located in Montreal, Canada. Sillysoft is focused on letting everyone take over the world by providing fun downloadable strategy games.

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