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Directx9 Vb.net Change Mesh color

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Im trying to change the color of a d3dmesh sphere, but it dont seem to work, and i cant see anything wrong with my code?? here is my code it seems to be right but when i run it it dosent change the color it just screws up the shape of the object.
    Public Structure MeshVertex
        Public p As Vector3
        Public n As Vector3
        Public tu, tv As Single
        Public Color As Integer
        Public Const Format As VertexFormats = VertexFormats.Position Or    VertexFormats.Normal Or VertexFormats.Texture1 Or VertexFormats.Diffuse
    End Structure 'MeshVertex

Dim TmpVertexBuffer As VertexBuffer
        Dim numOfVerts As Integer
        Dim I As Integer

        'Dim vb As VertexBuffer = CType(sender, TmpVertexBuffer)
        'TmpVertexBuffer = CType(EarthMesh.VertexBuffer, VertexBuffer)
        Dim v As MeshVertex()

        numOfVerts = SunMesh.NumberVertices
        TmpVertexBuffer = SunMesh.VertexBuffer
        v = CType(TmpVertexBuffer.Lock(0, GetType(MeshVertex), 0, numOfVerts), MeshVertex())

        For I = 0 To numOfVerts - 1
            v(I).Color = System.Drawing.Color.Yellow.ToArgb

        'EarthMesh.LockVertexBuffer(0, 0, p_vertices(), 0)

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What are your render states configured as?

You're specifying VertexFormats.Normal, so if you're using the FF pipeline it'll get fed into the lighting processor. I'm pretty sure that, by default, this'll override your diffuse component.

I don't know what the name is in MDX, but there is a render state you can set so that it uses vertex colour as well (or instead of?) computed "light" colour.


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ok now ive got rid of the normals, and it solved my prob with da polygon lookin wierd. But its still not changing the color of the object..

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