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Lord Maz

Stuck with bitmaps.

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I've got some trouble with loading/drawing bitmaps. I want to create a button that loads image data from a buffer and displays it. Here's some working code:
bitmaps[index] = CreateBitmap(32, 32, 1, 32, data);

HDC hdcMem = CreateCompatibleDC(lpdis->hDC);
SelectObject(hdcMem, pToolPanel->GetBitmaps()[(s32)wParam]);

BitBlt(lpdis->hDC, destRect.left,, destRect.right - destRect.left, destRect.bottom -,	hdcMem, srcRect.left,, SRCCOPY)

Might've missed something, but it's not that important. I want to switch to using CreateCompatibleBitmap instead - MSDN recommended it and a friend with windows 2000 seems to have a problem with the current code. So, how the heck do i do the same thing (load bitmap data and then draw it) with CreateCompatibleBitmap? I couldn't figure it out with MSDN only, and googling for help didn't help me either... Any help is appreciated!

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When using CreateCompatibleBitmap() first make sure that the DC it is compatible with already has a bitmap with the appropriate color depth selected into it. This could be a DC from your window but not a memory DC that hasnt already had a bitmap selected into it (by default the bitmap in memory DCs is 1x1 monochrom).

After that the code should be the same as what you have.

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