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Bitmap Fonts

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Hi guys, I'm trying to render bitmap fonts. I have a 256x256 TGA with an alpha channel with the characters tightly packed that comes along with a XML file detailing where each char starts on the XY and its width height, spacing etc.. I've verified the starting pixel locations in the XML files and the char width/height and its absoloutley perfect. However, when I try to render the characters using something like the following to generate the UV Coords for my quad: pVertices->u = (1.0f/m_TexWidth) * (ci.x); pVertices->v = (1.0f/m_TexHeight) * (ci.y); 'ci.x' being the starting XPos on the texture where the char starts. For some reason, I'm not getting pixel perfect quads :/ It works nicely for the first character in the top left corner of the texture, but then when I draw using characters further in the bitmap I'm getting where I get edges form the texture that shouldnt be in the char image. - What it looks like. Can anyone tell me why it might be doing this? I've tried changing texture addressing mode to D3DTADDRESS_CLAMP but doesn't make a difference. Thanks, Meshy

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You probably want to subtract half a texel to all of your texture coordinates that are mapped directly on screen space:

pVertices->u = (1.0f/m_TexWidth) * (ci.x) - (0.5f / m_TexWidth);
pVertices->v = (1.0f/m_TexHeight) * (ci.y) - (0.5f / m_TexHeight);

To make sure the right texel is covering the right pixel.

There is a section about it in the DirectX SDK, look for "Directly Mapping Texels to Pixels".

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