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ENet update

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Hi, everybody. I just wanted to mention 2 updates to ENet that happened recently: 1) somehow the packet auto-fragmentation code had gotten wedged (only an issue if you were sending large packets), but is fixed now. 2) you can now broadcast packets (to send data if you wish, but mostly I'm going to use it for automatic server discovery on a LAN). Look for ENET_HOST_BROADCAST in enet.h. You'd use it something like this:
//	start my server on my address, and on this port
client = enet_host_create (NULL /* create a client host */,
    1 /* only allow 1 outgoing connection */,
    0,0 /* no bandwidth capping for us, this is a speed test */); = ENET_HOST_BROADCAST;
address.port = 7747;
peer = enet_host_connect (client, &address, 2);

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