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From Surface to Verteces

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startreky498    144
I'm trying to draw a quad (set of 4 vertexes) with a texture from a surface. I can't find a function that will allow me to do this. using iDirect3DDevice9*::SetTexture in conjunction with ::DrawPrimitiveUP worked fine for me, but now I want to use surfaces. Is there a function that will allow me to draw a quad with a surface? Thanks.

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jollyjeffers    1570
You can't use surfaces (IDirect3DSurface9) for that type of rendering, at a high-level textures and surfaces are very similar, but it's here where the differentiation becomes important.

I would suggest you look into using the "level 0" surface for an IDirect3DTexture9; either lock it and copy your surface in, or just write to it (as a D3DPOOL_MANAGED resource) and call UpdateTexture() to re-upload it to VRAM for usage...

Alternatively, if you're rendering a 1:1 (or close) copy of your surface, you can look into using StretchRect() to render directly from your surface to another (the screen in this case), however this isn't usually very fast!


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